About Us

Dew Chem Trading and Contracting W.L.L., formerly known as Afras Trading and Contracting is a well-diversified company involved in trading and contracting. Our core businesses are among the region’s market leaders. Dew Chem Trading and Contracting was established in 2004 in the state of Qatar. We have years of rich experience with which we provide a wide range of products and solutions supporting various markets.

Customer satisfaction is the hallmarks by which we measure our performance. To ensure customer satisfaction we strive to deliver products that have met strict compliance specifications, on time and at the right price, and to nurture long term business relations by always meeting further customer needs with the same dedication and integrity.

Dew Chem Trading and Contracting with its efficient management team and strong financial strength are ready to take up any new challenges the world has to offer. The success of Dew Chem Trading and Contracting as a business entity lies in its customer orientation. Therefore, our sole objective is to ensure superior customer satisfaction through our relentless efforts towards betterment. Most efforts are concentrated towards trading and contracting so that we can be better placed to offer quality Products and services.

Our comprehensive approach towards customers is to position ourselves not solely as sellers, but as business partners. Once our customers express their needs to us, we stand by as a solid support right from the conception to the delivery of finished products.


Our Vision is to be the leading MEP Services Company in Qatar which is PROFESSIONAL in Presentation, Image, and Workmanship. Dew Chem shall be recognized as a respected professional name that our clients as well as our employees shall feel proud to be associated with.

We strive to meet and/or exceed our customer’s expectations in terms of our service, safety and security. And to offer quality products and services which saves the cost as well as time of the customer.


  • To provide the commitment to quality, reliable and trusted service.
  • To provide high ethical standards in performance of our duties.
  • To value transparency and confidentiality with Clients.

Through skillful practice and attention to detail we pledge to provide an excellent professional service to our customer / client that is always perfect in the business. Our mission is nothing but “Customer Satisfaction through quality work”.

We will continuously work on improving our business. We are dedicated, motivated people with a wide experience and knowledge in trading and contracting and the many disciplines that it encompasses. We believe that as Trading and contracting company of tomorrow, we must be able to provide solutions for the following customer’s needs.